Bernhard Pichler


Multiscale modeling of cementitious materials
Bernhard Pichler
Institute for Mechanics of Materials and Structures,     

Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria 

Professor Bernhard Pichler is a civil engineer with habilitation in the fields of “strength of materials and structural analysis”. He is director of the Laboratory for Macroscopic Material Testing at the Institute for Mechanics of Materials and Structures of Vienna University of Technology in Austria. His main research interest concerns the synergy between innovative material testing, multiscale modeling, and the use of such models in structural simulations regarding practical problems in civil engineering. His activities regarding multiscale modeling of cementitious materials include the engineering mechanics description of the early-age evolutions of the elastic stiffness, the creep activity, and the strength, as well as the multiscale poromechanical description of the thermal expansion and the chloride transport of mature cementitious materials. Bernhard Pichler is member of several international scientific communities including the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Concrete Institute. Currently, he serves as the president of the Central European Association for Computational Mechanics.